Away for a While

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't posted much of anything...well...anything at all, for a while.

Ive been busy, and lazy too.

So, update....

Im working at Domino's again for the summer, and Ive been working 40+ hour weeks for about 3 weeks in a row now. Im tired all the time, but its money at least.

Im driving a new car. Well kinda. My mom has a NEW car, and Im driving her old car, a Chevy Blazer.
(BTW she has one of those new Scion's. Nice little car, crazy good gas mileage)

I haven't even logged onto WoW in at least 3 weeks. Kind of burned out on it now actually..although I am playing bouts of City of Heroes again.

I bought a PSP. Yay. Its sweet.

Been getting ready for my GRE, looking at grad school info and whatnot. Im looking forward to getting back to school next month.

Seen a lot of movies.
Batman Begins - A++. Sweeeeet.
Fantastic Four - B. Better then I thought it would be. Jessica Alba FTW.
War of the World. B-. Pretty good.
Land of the Dead - B+. Zombies and Armored Trucks and John Leguizamo oh my!

And today is the one year anniversary for me and Tiffany. yay! We're planning on doing something special over winter break, spend a week in DC together or something.

that is all.
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Home again home again.

Got all my stuff set up in what is now officaly 'my room' at the house.

Even got a new bed, with that memory foam stuff. Its comfortable, makes me sleepy just laying on it.

Now to find a job.
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All ready

The plane tickets are booked

The hotel is booked

The university is giving me $200 cause they suck.

and im going to NY next week. woot.


saw Cursed, the new werewolf thing from Wes Craven.

Its halfway decent, for a teen horror thing...surprisingly light on gore, guess they cut to get a PG-13 rating.

oh, and I had a little geek out moment when the high school in it turned out to be Sunnydale High (sqeeee Buffy High)

but anyway, movie, ya.

but when the hell did Christinia Ricci get hot?
Holy hell, I remember her as Wednesday from the Addams Family movies, and now shes like..short little gothey hot chick.

not complaining, just didn't notice this sooner.

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since mrs_kennedy said I have to update, I figure ill steal an idea from greybeta.

If anyone wants some ego boosting, leave a comment and Ill post a nice little "you rock!" entry over the weekend.
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